December 10, 2017

Year 1 GofundMe Update:

Around this time last year (exactly Dec. 12), I created this GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to put energy into a business concept I hoped people would care about. I didn’t have a finished product at time, I actually just had some raw cotton in boxes I harvested by hand, and a dream that people would care to know if cotton could come from a black owned farm.

I want to thank you all for your initial investments in this business. Your investments has help led to the development of a website and product creation that has spearheaded people connecting to the beauty within our cotton and the BlackCotton.Us movement. According to my records, we have shipped BlackCotton.Us products to 20 states (NY, OK, MN, CO, IN, MA, GA, MD, NC, CA, NJ, FL, IL, NV, OR, AR, TX, IA, MI, DE, and MD). This level of outreach and exposure was heavily influenced by this GoFundMe. Thank you, thank you, thank you 1000 times.

What have I learn in this last year since starting GoFundMe? I have learn so much in the business world. I have learn much about the opinions and feelings of many different demographics of people on cotton. As some people would say, cotton is a loaded plant with a lot of history behind it.

With BlackCotton.Us, I have been able to take life experiences, feelings, ideologies shared with me by 100s of people around rural issues, farming, cotton, heritage, legacy, etc and have connected all of these things to create a Black Cotton product line that empowers and enlightens people of color and encourages fruitful, supportive relations across races, religions, and various demographics across our nation. People in general in our great nation of United States of America appreciate a good story behind a product made in America. People yearn to see small business succeed, because in most Americans, we can see true selves in other small businesses. You can see your family and community represented in a small business products like what BlackCotton.Us offers.

In many of BlackCotton.US social media posts, we use hashtags #original #authentic #hometeam #homedecor. Black Cotton is an original movement because NEVER did anyone come to our people farms and offered new opportunities with our cotton produced. In being apart of this BlackCotton.Us movement, you are apart of something real and authentic. We tried to document the whole cotton process, from planting to maintenance, to the harvest. Yes, BlackCotton.Us has noticed other people making decorations with cotton. At the same time, no one is making a brand out of their cotton from their farm in the form of decorations and accessories. I know this brand is strong, real, and true because of the support not just in our local region of NC, but across the whole nation. Hence, why I use the hashtag #hometeam because our home base is growing and I want people to know all over the world that this is our cotton and we want you to be proud that we can still claim a business as our own. With BlackCotton.Us you get to know the owner, the people who work in the business, and homes that use BlackCotton.Us are people who support people of color and spaces where we can be successful in business to improve our communities and families.

So what now? Now that such a solid home base has been created, we want to actively pursue the opportunities to achieve success in marketplace. How do we get there? Well, we are still growing in presence, but we need to have workers in place to expand on opportunities. BlackCotton has a location to create inventory, we also have cotton to make the inventory. What we need help is capital to make this engine move again to be able to supply this known national demand. Most marketplaces like to do business in what exist, so BlackCotton.US can only sale what is ready to be sold. While $1,856 in this campaign has been a great start at almost 25% of the goal, BlackCotton.Us still has a huge hole to fill in regards to capital needs necessary to get more products to florists, interior decorators, event planners, and the home decorators looking to have this great product in which they know who they are sourcing from.

Today, I am not asking for more donations. If you want to donate, I don’t want to stop you because those donations definitely help me hire workers, buy materials, to create fine decorations. What I need now are more customers and buyers/distributors of our products. With each additional sale grows the prospect that we are changing the economy of rural black communities for the better. Please help me connect to your favorite celebrities, florist shops, gift shops, and people who can help move BlackCotton.Us in a positive direction.

How about the products? Our BlackCotton.Us products has developed a product line of wreaths, arrangements, accessories, and floral pieces that are extremely fashionable and long lasting. If you have an arrangement from BlackCotton, you have a piece that will look the same years from now. Can you say the same about other flowers like roses? We at BlackCotton.Us actually like to call cotton the new rose. We are reclaiming what has been ours for generation. We are known for our catch phrase: “Cotton is our culture.” Cotton is our culture because we grew it just like the rose in concrete. We wont suppose to survive, but instead we have always found way to thrive. Black uniqueness, our black magic is within BlackCotton.Us.

Now I have a new cath phrase to add, “When decorating with BlackCotton, anything is possible”

Please continue to support our instagram account:

Check out our website and please shop with us at

Actually we are having a holiday sale where if you use this coupon code on website, ujamaa, you will save 15%.

Again, BlackCotton.Us loves you for your support and specifically from me, Julius Tillery, Founder of BlackCotton.Us, I appreciate you. I know without you supporters, I wouldn’t have a business to share with you across the nation. We have given cotton a new look and has helped created the vibe of, this is ours we can claim how we feel about it.

Last thing I want to note, I want to thank my Grandfather who is pictured in cotton field with my father and I on right. He passed away September of 2017. His guidance, strong values, and leadership will for always have presence with this company. Right now, BlackCotton.Us products are using cotton in the last crop our family patriarch was apart of. This cotton is incredibly special to my family. When you get a BlackCotton.Us product, you are getting a small part of my family that has long history of supporting people of color put food on family tables by using what God has given us to bless others.

I hope you enjoy this Year 1 update, its long but I felt it is important give it to you this day. Hope everyone has a great holiday season and think about who you are getting gifts from and where the sourcing of these gifts comes from. Love you all, be blessed.


Julius Tillery
Founder of BlackCotton.Us

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