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Welcome to Black Cotton, a company that is going to change the game for you, me, all of us. Black Cotton comes from us, and is meant for us! For many years, cotton was the number one crop our people produced in the South, by our hands and feet, for no wage or compensation. After the Emancipation Proclamation, many of our ancestors made mere pennies off of the cotton produced from sharecropping. What’s worse, for the amount of money that’s made in the same industry today, black cotton farms are still making just pennies compared to the billions earned by their counterparts.

I grew up in this system of poverty cotton farming. My farm home county of Northampton County in North Carolina is one of the poorest performers of economic health in the state by county, but it’s also ranked number two in the state for cotton production. Are we raising crops for our communities to suffer? As a black farmer, it has been depressing to see each year go by with farming communities struggling and deteriorating, while our efforts continue to be exploited across the world for others to profit.

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